Monday, December 29, 2008


Get it? Because it's a look back at the year? Yeah. I know.

Anyway. I figured I'd use this penultimate blogging day to go back over the year that was, and reminisce. And perhaps link to blog entries [of my own, or of Steph's] that I liked or that highlight what I'm talking about.

So here we go.

The year started off pretty weak, with me making the soon-to-be-all-too-familiar complaint of not having anything to talk about. The beginning(ish) of the year was also when I made my "goal" of viewing 200 movies by years end. (Currently at 197, with 2 days to go. Hmmm.)
January was also the month that I composed a letter to Skynet (doing my part to assist with the extinction of the human race since 1975!) and had a really interesting realization about brains. And January was the month we pulled up the carpet and installed the tiles we currently have in the living room. Huh.


Irina turned three!!, Buffy Bowl, oh let's call it 8, happened, we had to get a brand new air conditioner/heater installed in the house, I started (but didn't finish) a story, the Steph & I hit our ten year anniversary (!!!!!!!!!!), and the girls found a lizard in the backyard. February was busy. Good thing there was an extra day thrown in.

We went on a trip to California to take advantage of Legoland's homeschooling discount.
I reviewed Smallville, mostly as a reminder to myself as to why I no longer watch it.
Easter happened.

April seemed to be the month of memes and lists.
Got tagged with six word meme. Took it to the next level.
Took a look at the top 20 played songs in our iTunes library. (I want to revisit this one day. Perhaps next April 9th?)
Also musically related, I listed the #1 songs during my birthday through the years.
And then listed the 50 best tv shows according to Empire Magazine.
I devised the Harry Potter Code [which someday, perhaps, I'll decode the entire year and post. We'll see.]
And I composed a treatise on free will, and the lack thereof. (Like I had a choice in the matter!)

In May I discovered the amazing power of cayenne pepper (it cures sore throats, and induces vampire related visions), rediscovered why we don't have cable, suffered through the Upfront for the CW's fall season, and we drove to Portland, Oregon to attend the Life is Good conference.
May was good.

Got chomped by zombies.
Started that "Library A to Z" thang.

Harper turned eight!!, and July was the month I began taking the bus on a regular basis, and Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog started off amazing, then took that crap turn in the 3rd act.

August was a good month, too. The girls were able to finally see the Terminator oeuvre.
Saren turned eleven!!
And August 31st, 2008, was the date that I tried to recreate the magic of the blogathon from August 31st, 2003 ...and failed miserably.

Sarah Palin came on the scene, and being who I am, I had to compare her to Sarah Connor. [The Alaska Governor is pale in comparison. ;)]
We announced that SPISH is no longer going to be an accurate acronym for our family.
Obama schooled McCain.
Oh, and we made an entirely spur-of-the-moment and very fiscally irresponsible decision to drive to Disneyland at the end of the month.

Despite my earlier tirade against the democratic system that is in place [and I do think that a good part of it still is relevant and should be examined], I went and voted for Barack Obama {"Who ya gonna vote for?"}. I have no regrets in this regard.
...and, wow. Not a lot else really took place in October. In the real world, this was about the time that everyone was realizing that the economy was not going to magically get better, wasn't it?

Erm. Man. I just sucked at blogging in November - or at least, blogging interesting items. Thanksgiving took place, and I continued to blog my 'reviews' of the A to Z thing, but other than that... November was just blah.

It snowed, in Las Vegas!!, a few weeks before Xmas.

...And that was about it.

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