Friday, September 26, 2008

That's debateable

While I didn't get to see the entire debate (had to make a dinner run, so I missed about 20-25 minutes) tonight, I did have some thoughts on the matter:

[-] When it came to Osama bin Laden, McCain always mentioned the name "Osama", while Barack referred to him simply as "bin Laden". Classy, McCain.

[-] I'd like a count on how many times Obama said, "That's not true" while McCain was speaking, because it was a lot. And yet, I don't think McCain ever said that about anything Obama said, because, well, Obama seems to be more...honest.

[-] McCain was a POW?!?! Why have I not heard this before?

[-] Republicans (or anyone opposed to voting for Obama for whatever reason) will have the reptile-brain excuse of "Obama = Big Spender".

[-] Amusing (and odd) that when Jim Lehrer wanted the candidates to speak to each other at the beginning, that neither of them would. (Although Obama did address McCain several times later on, whereas I don't think McCain really ever did.)

[-] "I've got a bracelet." "I've got a bracelet, too." Awesome.

[-] "You seem to think the war started in 2007, John. It began in 2003." Heh.

[-] Lehrer: "What are the lessons of Iraq?" McCain: "You can't have a failed strategy." Um... WHAT.

[-] I'm both dreading and highly anticipatory of the debate next Thursday. I'm sure Palin will provide numerous amounts of eye-rolls, laughter, and cringes, but will I be able to tolerate 90 minutes of her? Although I'm not super-familiar with Biden, so I do look forward to hearing more from him.


Anonymous said...

McCain never looked directly at Obama. Obama on the other hand, looked directly at McCain and straight into the camera. It felt like a much more honest approach.

Amy said...

It may be that I wasn't taking the debate for the srsns that it was, but when many of the points you mentioned came up, I laughed out loud. It was so awkwardly hilarious.

Another part was when McCain was all, "OMG, you can't say that about Pakistan!" and Barry was all, "Why not? You sang a song about bombing Iran!"

Anyway. Even though I know who I agree with, I don't really know if either one came off better than the other. Like, I don't know if either of them said anything to convince anyone who didn't already agree with them.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy on the "tough to pick a winner" observation. Both candidates were comprehensive and comprehensible but both were preaching to their respective choirs.

I wonder what the thoughts of the "undecided" are?

Meghan said...

I, too, am anxious for next Thursday's debate. I truly believe Biden is going to MOP THE FLOOR with Palin.

And, Amy... "Another part was when McCain was all, "OMG, you can't say that about Pakistan!" and Barry was all, "Why not? You sang a song about bombing Iran!"

That had me on the floor, as well.

Anonymous said...

According to something I read someplace (sorry to be so specific), the undecideds are 40% for Obama, 35% still undecided, and whatever's left for McCain.