Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spaghetti Sauces

Back in the day (we're talking '93/'94) when I worked at the RJ (that's the Las Vegas Review-Journal) I discovered a toy plastic lizard on one of the shelves at work. The toy was that sort of squishy plastic that's fun to squeeze. It also had a suction cup on it's belly. It was yellow and had a long tail.
I adopted the lizard, giving it a home in my car, using the suction cup to stick to the window, and placing its tail underneath the sun visor latch.

I named the lizard Ragu. (Yes, like the spaghetti sauce)

I kept Ragu for the entire time I had that car, which means he went with me on The Trip.
I even took him out when I ended up abandoning the vehicle, but, somewhere along the way, Ragu and I lost each other, and I have no idea where he wound up. I miss that stupid piece of plastic and often wish I had a replacement lizard. But I've yet to find a toy like him.

Moving on, I have not yet broken the big news (that Steph is the *other* spaghetti sauce) to anyone at work, or in my family. (I guess I've just let the few people who didn't already read it over at Steph's blog know, so, um, there's that.) And I suppose if anyone I work with reads my blog, I'll find out tomorrow when they confront me on it. Heh.
Otherwise, I guess I'll wind up telling my coworkers and my parents and sister...soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Congratulations! One more after this and Steph will be qualified to be Vice President! Which is pretty awesome.


Anonymous said...

Holy buckets P@...You were so sneaky, I almost missed the big news.

Congratualtions you virile daddy and congratulations to Steph and the big sisters. *huge hugs*

CosmicAvatar said...

Hey, congratulations!