Monday, September 08, 2008

spELlcaster Part 5

In case you've forgotten.

"Me? Why would it...?"

Agent Stone shook her head and put up a hand to stop my questions. "I don't know. And it wasn't you personally it asked for. At least not at first. It wants to speak to all the Spellcasters. Anyone that can bend, it wants to have a visit with."

"...and?" I said, "Have you contacted other spellcasters? Do you intend to grant this ..thing's wish? Because, frankly, it sounds like a trap. Gathering all of us together like that is just asking for trouble. Especially since it was planted by a Fuman. I..."

Before I could continue I was interrupted by the sound of an engine outside revving to life and tires squealing, along with the lights inside flickering, and Aesop making an angry yowl from inside the bedroom. I noticed that Agent Sticks was missing, and had been for a while. I dashed into the bedroom and found the man holding Aesop gruffly as he squirmed in his arms, attempting to get away.
"Put hi..."
This morning was turning into one in which I was unable to complete a sentence, as I was interrupted again, this time by the sudden emergence of the sedan through my bedroom wall smashing into me, Agent Stone, and Aesop.


P@ said...

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's not a great entry, and the storyline is proceeding at a snail's pace, but I promised myself I'd work on it again this week, and I'm doing so, even when I'm beyond exhausted, so there.

Amy said...

Needs more time traveling.