Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hurry up, Hulu!

The last season of The Shield began airing on FX a few days back. We don't have cable (Kirk is correct, it is so not worth the price), but if there were a show that I would be willing to pay for, it would be The Shield [or The Daily Show or Mythbusters or {possibly, but only because I've heard good stuff about} Battlestar Galactica or Dexter]
Fortunately, we live in an age where paying for television isn't necessary! Because we've got the internet!

Unfortunately, the site where I was going to view The Shield on - - currently only has clips (the hell??), and a graphic reading: "Full Episodes of Season 7 Coming Fall 2008"
Which, cool. But, dude. Could you vague that up some? Do I actually have to wait until September 22nd? But that's so far away!!! Look, there are stores with Halloween candy out already, and the temperature is now getting down to the 70s in the morning, new shows are popping up on network television, so I think I'm not being unreasonable. It's safe to say that Fall is here. So, bring on The Shield. I need to see what happens to Vic and Shane and Dutch and Claudette.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, our own solution is to walk next door and record programs (currently Saving Grace and Mad Men) that my mom gets on her cable. Sort of cheating, but hey. Or, if we really love the show, buy it on dvd, e.g., Deadwood.

But here's what I'm curious about. What's your opinion of watching shows online? Earlier this year my mom's cable was screwed up (since fixed) so we had to watch most of this season's Battlestar Galactica online. Now don't get me wrong, I'm grateful we had that option so at least we got to see the episodes. But man, in my own humble opinion, watching entire episodes of shows on one's computer totally bites. The ambiance is just all wrong. Hard to put my finger on it, but it just lacks...something. (Would it be different if we owned a laptop?) So I'm curious what you think.

That being said, it is great to have that outlet available, obviously. Hope you get to see your show soon. (I've never seen The Shield but I've heard it's excellent.)


P@ said...

Yeah, I prefer watching things on the television, obviously, but I'm mostly cool with online viewing. You're right in that it doesn't feel exactly right, but I think that might be in part due to the newness aspect. I'm sure the next generation will probably think nothing of it. And if our computer chair was more comfortable, I'd probably watch stuff online a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched The Shield, but BSG and Dexter are in my top 5.