Friday, February 01, 2008

Blogging with Irina

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I did have things typed here, where I was transcribing the interview between Irina and myself while she sat on my lap at the computer. She then backspaced over all of it, wrote the above, ordered me away from the computer completely, opened a new window, tried to google "adyfo kyhulpp;oa9da" (which prompted google to hilariously ask, "Did you mean adyfo khulloa9da?"), tried to bookmark the page, and eventually grew tired of being online and gave me my seat back.

I think overall she had a good birthday. When we asked her yesterday what she wanted for it, her response was, "I want to sleep."
She's wise beyond her years. :)

Happy Birthday, little Bean.

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Amy said...

Irina just outsmarted everyone. Happy Birthday (Yesterday) Irina!