Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Imagine my disappointment

No superpowers!! Today is Super Tuesday. And, yet, I'm still a mere mortal! What up wit dat, yo?

Perhaps my powers just haven't kicked in yet? (Although, man, they better hurry. It's almost 8pm, and I go to sleep in another 2 hours...)
Or maybe I got a power and didn't realize it? Like, the power to communicate with frogs or something. I mean, I didn't see any frogs today, so how could I have put the ability to the test? Also, that would be a rather weak power.

Upon watching the news, I see that Super Tuesday has something more to do with politics than heroism. Hmph. So I guess that means that the politicians get the super powers today. OBAMA-MAN!! The power to instill hope in a completely broken system!! (And probably communicate with frogs)

Additionally, today is Pancake Day. Mmm. Pancakes.

Now, if this were a fair and just universe, the two would be combined, and a super-powered pancake would be elected for President.

1 comment:

Amy said...

You didn't vote, though, right? They handed out the super powers on the way out. Sorry. On the plus side, though, I typed this comment with my thoughts!