Thursday, February 07, 2008

Shiny pictures like crack

46 episodes of Lost remain, and I am totally in for the ride, no matter where it goes.

My as-yet-to-be-disproved half-baked theory of the moment? The Island grants immortality to people who live there. Obviously not pure immortality, as we have seen many people die there, but I think if you could survive on the island and avoid being shot or stabbed or devoured by a polar bear or smokey or drown... you'd live to a ripe old age of...oh, forever. You know, like Jacob.

This kinda explains why The Others can't breed, too. The Island (or Nature, or Fate...or something) would want balance, and if you are going to live forever, it doesn't make sense for you to be able to procreate. Ya know?

In other tv news, having 'favorites' on Survivor for this season was a brilliant move. We "know" half the players from the get-go, which certainly helps in having people to root for (or against). Micronesia looks to be a beautiful location, too, so I think that this should be a fun go-round. Unlike China, which was beatiful, but had some of the most unlikeable players ever. At least this time around we have Yau-Man, and Ozzy. Yay!

I've been catching up (slowly) on Dead Like Me the past few weeks. The first 3 or 4 episodes were fun, but not really all that amazing. But now, they are starting to pick up, and I can see the real potential of the series start to shine through.

I've come up with a theory (it's too far out there to be remotely accurate, but it does have a sort of P@-logic to it...) for John Connor's continued existence, even if Skynet is defeated, but I don't know that anyone is interested in hearing it.

And lastly, Weeds? That's some good shit.


Amy said...

Dude. That's awesome.

Except, that means the Island hates Ben, right?

P@ said...

Some slight season 4 spoilers ahead!

Well, we know (now) that Ben has been off the island at some point in his adult life. Perhaps that was when he got the cancer, and when it gets to a certain point, the Island can't help you.

You could also say that the Island likes Ben, since it did bring Jack there to operate on him...

CosmicAvatar said...

I feel rather guilty that I'm only watching Lost to SEE HOW IT ENDS. I like your theory, though. And Weeds!