Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And now you know... the rest of the story

Heh. I'm not sure where that quote comes from, but it's amusing me nonetheless.

I should warn any viewers that I am currently semi-delusional from a sickness and a pulled chest muscle that is resulting in a fair amount of pain and a lot of lack of sleep. Not quite UTP@, but certainly not in a normal frame of mind. [/disclaimer]

So, remember about a billion years ago, when I started a story on my blog about some teenagers who dabble in black magic, and end up summoning a demon named Bocal-Sha? Remember how I didn't finish it?

Well, here's some closure, of a sort:

Part 1 was actually almost self-contained, and pretty damn interesting, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, the second part was not as great, and I sorta lost focus and the intensity from the beginning.
ANyway, here's what I had originally planned on having happen:
Anthony (the narrator) was going to hook up with Bocal-Sha (eww. Not in that way!) who was going to have him perform tasks that would increasingly become more and more ...deadly. The tasks would start out small - a petty theft here, some vandalism there - only to graduate on to the bad stuff - arson of a neighbor's house, and maybe even eventually a murder.
The payoff would be that as Anthony was doing these 'favors' for the demon, his personal life would be improving - he'd become more popular, get elected student body president, etc.
Long story short (too late!), even though Anthony would not have a moral objection to doing things for Bocal-Sha, Craig would, and the two would eventually clash over Anthony's actions, with Craig wanting to turn Anthony in for his crimes.

Throughout the story, it would never really be clear whether the demon actually existed. Craig would even raise this point to Anthony, who would begin to wonder himself if he was, in fact, creating the demon in his mind.

The final confrontation between Anthony, Craig, and Bocal-Sha would end with Anthony having a gun and knowing that there was "only one way to end this.", and pulling the trigger - leaving it unclear whether he shot himself, the demon, or his friend.

But, as I said, I never got around to finishing the tale, so, you know... um... heh. Obviously endings = not my strong suit.
The point is, in case anyone was still wondering about "Thy Master's Bidding", now you know how it would've all gone down, had I actually written it.


Amy said...

Dude. I like it!

Although it ruins my pet theory that Craig was behind the summoning the whole time. Or does it?

Anonymous said...

I would like to vote that you do write it. I like your plans.

Mindi Scott said...

I know the answer to where your title came from! "The Rest of the Story" was/is a radio segment by Paul Harvey. As I recall, he would tell a story about some real-life person, not revealing their identity until the end.

P@ said...

That's it! Thanks, Min!