Friday, January 04, 2008

I have one word for you: "Liz-ard!"

Now we get to take a quick stroll through my thought process(es). Fun!

The above misquote is from the 1996 movie, "Thinner", which is based on the novel written by Stephen King's pseudonym, Richard Bachman. I've not actually seen this movie, but a guy at work has, and the quote is pretty amusing (I have read the novel, so I know the context, I guess.)

I chose that quote because I was thinking that my blog might be cursed - or maybe I am cursed, whatever - that anytime I go to blog, I seriously can not think of anything to write. And that made me think of how insidious a curse that would be. "Eternal writer's block upon you!"
[shudder] I mean, even for someone like myself who is not a great writer by any stretch of the imagination, that would be a horrible thing to have happen. But imagine if it were placed upon someone who was a writer. Yikes.
Of course, that made me think of how it would be fun to be able to issue such a curse. Man, all the people you could silence... No more Dean Koontz novels!
Ann Coulter would never write again! That would be fun.

Then I thought about how I should blog all this, and then I did.

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Amy said...

Oh no! (?) You broke your own curse!