Monday, January 14, 2008

19,806,672,525 lbs.

That is (approximately) the amount of weight attributed to brains on the planet.
Human brains alone, actually. By taking 3 pounds and multiplying it by the human population of 6.6 plus billion people, you get over 19 billion pounds of grey matter on the earth.

That doesn't even consider the amount of brains in cats, dogs, humpback whales, monkeys, horses, polar bears, and so on.

19 billion pounds of human brain. Wow.

The number of synapses worldwide must be immeasurable. It's an amazing amount of thought, really.

That, and it will keep zombies well-fed for a very very long time to come.

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CosmicAvatar said...

And half of that grey matter on average isn't even being used, judging by modern behaviours. (Mind you, Dubya could be dragging the average down.)