Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Instead, it's this.

This post was going to be the writing meme that Annika posted a few days back.

It was also going to be about how in a galaxy far, far away, scientists have discovered the building blocks of life.

And it was going to be about Werner Franz, who was a 14 year old aboard the Hindenburg when it went up in flames. He was spared because a nearby water tank burst, covering him in ...well, water, which protected him from the flames. Freaky.

It was also going to be about politics and apathy. (Eventually, maybe)

It could also have been about fate, free will, etc. (again, eventually. ....maybe)

I thought about having it be about how it seems EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to blog lately, I'm exhausted and not in the mood, despite (sometimes) earlier in the day having energy and enthusiasm.

But who wants to read any of that, when you can have what I just wrote instead?


CosmicAvatar said...

So, do we treat this entry as a teaser for the events listed? :P

Amy said...

"Next time, on The P@rix..."

Simon said...

Whenever anyone uses the phrase "the building blocks of life", I think Lego.

And that's a true story!