Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Haiku Review

Okay. So, in 2008 I kept track of all the movies I watched. And while I had hoped to watch 200 and I fell just one movie short of that goal, I'm actually okay with that. Because after last night when we watched Little Shop of Horrors, I couldn't think of a better film to stop on. Especially since my plan was to do a 'review' of each movie for this final day of 2008.
Of course, we've seen how I am at reviewing things, and simply reading "I thought it was okay.", "The ending could've been better." 200 times would get dull.
Instead, I present my new way of reviewing movies: Haiku Review.
Each review will be in haiku form. (Namely: five syllables here
then seven syllables here
then five syllables)
Also, it might not be fair to call these 'reviews', but more haikus that were inspired by the films. But "haiku review" is more fun to say.
I've split the reviews up into groups of 20, so as to cut down [somewhat] on the scrolling you'll have to do to read them all. Additionally, I've backtimed the entries so that they're posted in order, so you're reading this first. Because I'm just kind like that. Now that that's out of the way, please, enjoy the haikus.

Editor's note - Originally these were posted in groups of 20. After giving it some thought, I decided to split each movie into it's own individual post. However, comments had been done on some of the posts already, so they might not exactly match up.


Amy said...

The backdating is very thoughtful! Especially since I would have scrolled to the bottom and worked my way up, and been slightly miffed.

Also, if you performed these aloud, it could be a Haiku Revue.

CosmicAvatar said...

Wow. I am most impressed.

(Also, sometimes the simplest haiku are the best. Your review of Neverending Story 3 was UTTER GENIUS.)