Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh, nine.

First, here's the wordle cloud from December's entries.

So. Aught Eight went and ended, huh? All righty, then.

I gotta say, not having the (self-imposed) pressure to blog every other day has been extremely relieving.

Thank you to everyone that has commented on the haikus. I've reread a few of them here and there and been happily amused several times at some of the brilliance in there (benefit of a lousy memory!). I probably should have googled up haiku review before typing all that up, but I didn't because I figured that someone has probably already come up with that idea, and I didn't want to be influenced and/or steal anyone else's work.
But. I googled it today, and found that, yeah. It's been done.
Oh well. I still plan on keeping it around as a semi-regular feature. In fact, once Lost starts again....

In other news, I read Watchmen, and was duly impressed. Now officially excited about the movie.

Have yet to do any work on those 'resolutions' I set myself, but then, we're not even a week into the new year yet, so no rush, right? ;)

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CosmicAvatar said...

I hated Watchmen when I first read it, but now I love it. Also officially excited about the movie, but mainly for shallow reasons, i.e. JDM is in it. *dribble*