Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is "somewhat disappointing"?

I just took the online Jeopardy! test.
But after it was all over, it stated that regardless of how well you perform, you will *not* be notified of your score. Harumph! I mean, I know I didn't do well, but I was kinda hoping to know just exactly where I fall in the grand scheme of things.
Oh well.

In other news, I've got to write my Lost haikus for last night's episode, but my mind's just not in it yet. Sometime before next week, I'm sure.

In other other news, this Sunday is Irina's 4th birthday. Four! Crikey. I suspect we'll celebrate by taking her out to dinner, making cake, and just focusing on her all day. I can't wait!


Amy said...

This entry confused me because for a moment I wondered if I had made a blog post when I know I totally didn't.

Amanda said...

She's four?!? No way!

Happy Birthday, Irina!