Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Urban Dictionary Meme

Mostly posting this so that I've got something new up. And something that isn't a haiku.
I found this meme weeks ago from Zen Momma's Garden.

a) Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
b) Post your favorite definition it gives you -- or just post the first one. (or multiple answers if it's just too funny.)
c) Tag 4 people. Leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.
d) Those people, if so inspired, should do the same.
(I don't do the tagging thing. I believe that memes should spread on their own accord. ;))

1) Your name?
2) Your age?
3) Your favorite drink?
4) Favorite color?
5) Birthplace?
6) Month of your birth?
7) Where you live now?

My answers:
1) Your name?
P@ - "P@ isn't defined yet." True! I'm not!

2) Your age?
33 - A code-word for weed that can be used anywhere without anyone knowing what you're actually talking about. It's an evolution of the 1337 spelling for weed - 'w33d' The 33 was then taken from the middle of the word and is used on its own. Comes straight out of Caterham! Brap brap!
'Dude, are we gonna get 33 for this weekend??'

'Yes man! I've got 33 - let's get blitzed!'

3) Your favorite drink?
Pepsi - The main substitute for coke... both spend tens of millions of dollars on advertising a year and the effect is...
Customer: can i have a can of coke please?

Barman: sorry mate, only got Pepsi

Customer: that'll do!

Um ...yeah. Except I would never ask "Can I have a can of coke"

4) Favorite color?
Ultraviolet - A large part of the electromagnetic spectrumwhich is invisible to humans, but not insects or certain animals. It has a wavelength of 450 nannometers, about 4 nm from X-Ray wavelength. It is really cool to play with,too!
Urine, toenails, fingernails, and other materls glow,or flouress, under Ultraviolet light.

5) Birthplace?
Charleston - A gorgeous, old city in southern South Carolina. Not to be mixed up with North Charleston.
I went to Charleston and fell in love.

6) Month of your birth?
June - 1. The sixth month.

2. In Japan, an early publication featuring male/male stories in the tanbi style. People used to refer to the category of male/male relationships targeted at the female audience as June, but since that was a trade name for a magazine, that meaning of the term has fallen into disuse. The category has evolved and changed so much and the types of stories so varied that the entire category is now called BL by the industry and most fans. In some places, including Comiket, original stories are still called 'sousaku (original) June'.
1. My birthday is in June.

2. June is a thing of the past...
The better answer, though was #3, which said "The month the hottest people in the world are born."

7) Where you live now?
Las Vegas - American excess at its most excessive.

Everything that's bad about the United States all rolled into one location.

A colossal waste of energy, in the middle of nowhere.
Las Vegas should be seen at least once, if only to prove that it really does exist, and isn't the demented fantasy of a Hollywood set designer.

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