Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day

As Stephanie pointed out in her blog entry, today, it snowed. In Las Vegas.


In fact, as I type this at 7:34pm, it is still snowing. (It started a little after noon, and has only stopped for a few minutes at a time this evening)

Snow in Vegas isn't completely unheard of, but having it stick, and having this much of it (the news has been reporting that we might end up with between 3 and 6 inches by the end of the night) is pretty uncommon. So much so that the entire 5pm newscast on KTNV was devoted to the weather. The entire newscast. Without commercial breaks. In addition, they preempted the 7pm show, said they're going to preempt the 10pm program (which is a network program, and is usually a very big deal. ALthough it's Dirty Sexy Money they're preempting, which has been cancelled, so the network probably doesn't care)
The snow is pretty exciting. The girls have been buzzing all night. I even went out during work and stood in the snowfall for a while. I'm extremely glad I didn't have to drive in this nonsense, because if there are two things that do not mix, it is Vegas drivers and any slight change in the weather.

How long it will stay is anybody's guess, although Saren did make a snowball and store it in our freezer, so even after the weather warms back up, we'll be able to remember when our landscape looked a lot like Christmas.


Amy said...

Was the newscast saying things like, "Citizens! Do not be alarmed! The sky is not falling!"

And then they interviewed people on the street and they were like, "DEAR GOD WHAT IS THIS! AHH! IT'S SO COLD IT BURNS!"

... this is what I imagine happened.

P@ said...


Yeah. Pretty much exactly that way. Except that the newscasters were more, "HOLY CRAP, PEOPLE!! THIS ISN'T THE END OF THE WORLD, BUT WE CAN SEE IT FROM HERE!!"