Friday, November 26, 2004


Happy Thanksspending. or Cashgiving. Or Thank$giving. I had an awesome name picked out for the day after Thanksgiving, but I can't recall it. For those who live abroad, in the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is historically, the busiest shopping day of the year. It's when a large number of stores have sales and the unofficial official beginning of the holiday season.

Of course, it's also Buy Nothing Day.

Normally, for us, it is buy nothing day, since we don't have the godmoney to spend. We don't this year, either, but we're going to go out (maybe) in a bit and spend anyway. Woohoo for salmon! [/cryptic (and sarcastic!)]

Speaking of godmoney, I got woken up this morning by a phone call from a collection agency. They were looking for a person with my name, who apparently owes cash to some Beach Club. I told the woman on the phone that that wasn't possible since I'd never even heard of this company. She informed me that it was located in Minnesota. Since I haven't lived in Minnesota - ever and haven't been in that state in a decade, I figured it most likely wasn't me. I gave her the last four digits of my social security number, and hooray! It's not me! Or, it's not someone trying to be me, either. This is quite interesting, because (I think I blogged about this earlier) for a while I was getting calls from Sears saying my credit card was overdue. Funny, I don't have a credit card. Turns out, they were looking for the same Patrick W. that lives in Minnesota. AND Minnesota was where our cable bill was being sent to. Hmm.

All this godmoney talk has made me think about the things that are free. The best things in life are free, as the saying goes, so let's take a look at what (some of) those things are:

[-] Air. Breathing.

[-] Water. (Well, mostly free.)

[-] Listening to your wife's placenta. (Doesn't Placenta sound like a night club? Stephanie's does. I bet the bean is thinking "Man, it's so loud in here!")

[-] Being born.

[-] Thinking.

[-] Sunshine.

[-] Laughter.

[-] Hugs.

[-] Shelter.

[-] Food.

[-] Friendship.

[-] Learning.

[-] Love.


Annika said...

I like this entry a lot! And I think I have unknowingly been participating in Buy Nothing Day for years, though I might buy some Taco Bell today. Because, you know, my refrigerator is soooo empty. Not.

Jess said...

I managed to observe Buy Nothing Day this year, after failing last year by being at work (blech!) and going for a coffee and maybe some lunch. I didn't even buy food substances today, so yay me!

Annika said...

Success! We didn't buy a thing yesterday. However, a few items that we put on our debit cards earlier in the week posted yesterday. That doesn't count against us, does it?

Amy said...

Dude, not only did I not buy anthing yesterday, I didn't even leave the house! Ditto all my kin.

Also, dude. That PW owes you so much! Or maybe you owe him. Or, you both owe each other. Or you owe each other nothing. But, still. You have the same name.


Simon said...

Friday, Friday, Friday... I think I did buy something.

Sorry, guys. Letting the side down like that...