Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Because if I don't update, bad things will happen.

Shit, man.

It's a new month. October.

I hated this past week. It sucked beyond all telling. It was really really bad. Like, "Holy fuck, something or someone somewhere must end living soon" bad.

But, hey, it's over now. Right?

And later today (it's after midnight) there is new Spangel! Which is of the good. Hopefully.

Catching up on all the blogging that's been going on has been whirrly for the ol' brain. Annika and Will engaged ("Make it so!" heh. I amuse myself so easily), Heath & Jess living through Toilet Flood '03, other stuff.

Ya ever feel like you've spent a week of your life doing stuff for other people, and that it was all really, just wasted time? A nice chunk of your recent past just gone? Yeah. That's a fun feeling. (Note: Fun is used sarcastically in the previous sentence)

We mailed stuff to people last week. I'm pretty sure that happened.

Blegh. Maybe when I wake up I'll be recharged enough to put words into an order that makes a modicum of sense. Here's hoping.