Thursday, October 02, 2003

There is water at the bottom of the ocean.

I'm UTP@, but it may be for the last time.
See, it seems that Fucking News® is beginning on the stations on the 13th. (Yeah, that's a good sign [doh2]) and Tommie (my supervisor) told me today that he wants his "A-Team" (his words) to be the ones who work the shift that would be covering Fucking News®.

His A-Team would be me, Troy, and Mike.

I think I might be B.A. Barracus, mostly due to my hair, foo!!

But really, I'm probably more Mad Dog (or do I mean Faceman? [sigh] I don't rememeber well enough. [/sad geek])

Anywhat, the point is, my schedule will most likely be changing. My days off might be changing in addition. Which, yeah, whatever. I'd prefer to have my days off be Monday thru Sunday, but somehow I doubt that's doable right now.

Moving on.

You know what helps? Looking up. The simple act of looking up into the sky - day or night - and just gazing into the depths of the universe changes you. If only minutely, and if only temporarily. It's a nice way to help. I think it's because gazing skyward is something primeval and human (in the best sense of the word). I also think it's because in our post-modern (whatever that means) world, we don't do it enough.

We went to the park today, and spent some time laying on the ground and staring at clouds. It was incredibly nice.

The other day we were having lunch outside of Wild Oats, and I leaned back in my chair and just stared up for about 30 seconds. I liked doing that. I think I'm going to look up more often.

Also at the park, we played Frisbee for a while. I recalled that I used to spend a long time in my youth playing frisbee. In Alaska, we spent hours flinging frisbees around the neighborhood, doing "frisbee tricks". Mostly, that consisted of bouncing them off the pavement, or throwing one up into the air, and then having the other discs try to hit it on the way down. Or hitting/avoiding parked cars. [wink]

It made me want to use our frisbee more often with the girls.

It is, to restate the obvious, a new month. Normally when the month changes, I have a difficult time writing the write date at work. Today, though, I didn't. I knew it was 10/2, and never once wrote 9/anything. I don't know why. Perhaps October has some kind of special magic to it. I even commented on something like that earlier today to Steph. About how October knows that Halloween is coming, so to prepare it is getting darker earlier.

Wow. This has been rambly and super dull.
Same as it ever was. [tongue]

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