Friday, October 31, 2003

Comedy comedy!

Non-halloween entry. And last one of the night. And month!

Funny things I've heard/read the past couple of days -

From Jupe:

"If I had nukes, I wouldn't waste them on children."


Spsh4 [9:55 PM]: On that same trip, I did run over a snake!
Jupe [9:56 PM]: Yay!
Spsh4 [9:56 PM]: Although we didnt' eat it.
Jupe[9:56 PM]: Snakes are scary!
Spsh4 [9:56 PM]: I felt bad.
Spsh4 [9:56 PM]: I also laughed about it.
Jupe [9:56 PM]: Snakes are scary.
Jupe [9:56 PM]: It was him or you, dude.
Jupe [9:56 PM]: Him or you.


Saren: "Dad. Listen. Angel. [pause] Los Angeles."

I kinda giggled. "Yup."

Saren: "Los...TVless."

I start laughing.

Saren: "Buffy...Los Buffyless."

In between laughter, I give her a puzzling look.

Saren: "You know, Buffy. Like, she's a buffalo."


Saren: "If the Universe swallows us in a black hole, it means it doesn't like us."

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