Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Can we vote the Bush family off the island?

Please? All of them?

Two days ago, on the Fucking News, Barbara Bush was there, criticizing the Democratic Presidentials.

So...Dubya is having hismom fight his battles now? What is he, like 8 years old? [rolleyes]

And then yesterday on our NewsTicker the information scrolled by stating that the Florida woman who was in a coma and had her feeding tube removed ...well, apparently Jeb Bush ordered it back in.

I guess the brain-dead like to stick together.

Seriously, I just want to take that whole family and launch them into space. Give them some other planet to 'rule'. Let them interefere with other people's lives. I'm pretty sure the Earth won't miss them.

In other news, new episode of Spaingel tonight! Yay, right?

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