Thursday, October 16, 2003

"Okay, let's kill this pig."

Not sure where it came from, but I said it the other day before doing my first ever switching of Gold 33 News @ 7.

It seemed ...apropos. I won't go into the massively boring details about how the shows went, but will simply sum up the past three days with a quick synopsis.

Monday (I wasn't running it) - In the words of corporate, "It was the worst news launch we have ever seen."
We watched it at home, and yes, it was pretty bad. I cringed. I laughed. I wondered what else was on.

Tuesday (my first time) - Smooth. There was a different director (Nancy, the director of Monday night's show, had been "reassigned" [eyebrow]), and he was pretty damn good. Not to toot my own horn, but so was I. [/smug]

Wednesday (tonight) - Heh. Nancy was back on deck, which everyone who had been there for Monday night took to be a bad omen. And oddly enough, it became a bad omen. Sort of. The way we have the news set up, our national news comes off the satellites via a hook up to the Corporate Headquarters in Baltimore. Well, today, Baltimore was having audio problems, so it was up to Nancy to fill the local stuff for an additional 10 minutes or so while the problem was fixed. She had me shuffle some spots and rearrange some breaks, but I think she handled it extremely well. Eventually we got Baltimore back up and running with audio, and I'm sure the audience had no clue that there was a semi-crisis. Which is all that matters.

So, yeah. News is here, and it's not all that horrible. Which pleases me greatly.

The bad thing? I'm on 33, which means I don't "run" the WB shows. So tonight, despite having Angel on right next to me, I didn't really get a chance to watch it. And Stephanie forgot to record it. Doh. Fortunately, I nabbed the DVC pro tape of it, and I'll transfer it to VHS tomorrow. Take that, Universe!

In other news, I woke up this morning about two minutes before the phone rang. At 6 am. The freakin' sun wasn't even up yet, but someone was. It turned out to be Sears. Again.

They've called me three times in as many days, looking for someone with my name who has apparently become delinquent on his Sears card payments. I know that I'm not the Herb they're looking for (heh) because I don't have any credit cards. I've told them this each time, and they've then apologized. I explained it to them again this morning, and I sincerely doubt they'll be calling back. The guy on the phone sounded a bit scared. Truth be told, hearing my voice, I was a bit scared too.

Highlights of last nights dream: Ordering food at Wendy's, get my order (chicken nuggets) and it's swarming with ants. Disgusted and outraged, I threaten to call the Health Department. The dream jumps, and instead Stephanie and I are in the restaraunt lobby after hours with a teenage employee who is mopping the floor. We're discussing with her how much wage slavery sucks, and starting to segway into Ishmael territory (with the phrase, "What are you going to do - starve?" of all things) when the governor (a man in a suit) gets out of a government issued van and is coming to do a surprise inspection. Wendy's girl tells us to get out (or at least hide), and that's when the alarm woke me up.

I need a haircut.

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