Thursday, October 09, 2003

Dude, where's my entry?

I've spent the past half-hour staring at a blank screen. Wait, that's not entirely true.

I did have about half an entry typed out (it was about Ed) but deleted it because it was blah.

I then did a little blog-hopping in hopes that something would spark an idea. No go.

Then, I went to this site which filled me with a little bit of hope, but didn't really make me want to blog anything.

I then came back to my ol' familiar blank screen, and finally decided to just start typing. The title was inspired by a line from Gargoyles which is on right now. Elissa said, "Where's my car?" which reminded me of the movie (I didn't see the film, but I, of course, know the title), and the rest is (or, um, will be) history.

The past two days off of work have been wonderful. It's a shame they go by so quickly, though.

And now, since I've not updated in a gabillion years, a recap of some of the stuff that's gone on in my life in the past two weeks or so.

• (re)discovered Trader Joe's. That is of the good.

• Had a date with Stephanie. We had a very expensive dinner with really crappy service, followed by driving about 20 miles beyond the city limits to star gaze. That was awesome. Excpet for the coldness factor. Man, we're wimpy.

• Had a kind of play date with Jared and his daughter, Anastasia. She's grown a lot since I saw her last.

• Went to the library, where I checked out The Golden Compass, um..some mystery-type novel, and Ishmael.

• Speaking of books - I read the 3rd Aretmis Fowl book, and I believe that one to be the best in the series. I didn't care for #2 all that much, but #3 was back on track.

• Had (still have) some sort of bruised lung/clogged artery type of injury. Not fun. At all. But I think my body has pretty much healed itself. Yay!

• Had a "practice run" on the Fucking News®. It doesn't seem like it will be too intrusive, but then again, I've not yet experienced the real thing.

• The fucking Terminator got elected. Whatever.

• Fed ducks and geese and pigeons at the park. That was fun, and pretty damn cool. Also, watched pigeons trying to "get it on". Heh.

• Roy got attacked by a tiger! Dude.

• Tarzan is not as lame as I feared it would be, but not as cool as it was hyped up to be, either.

• I'm predicting that Harold Abbot's sister (the redhead) will wind up being "gay now". Because it would tie in with the Buffyverse.

• Tomorrow (now today, due to the technicality of midnight and all that crap) will be my last time I have to go to work at 7am. Unless I get the promotions gig. (Still haven't heard back one way or another about that.) Also if I get that, onlineness at work might be more likely. Woo!

And with that, I'm fresh out of bullets.

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