Friday, October 31, 2003

"Let me out! Let, let me out!"

~ Smashing Pumpkins, Cherub Rock.

It's also very much what my brain is screaming (my vocal cords are also screaming) during any trips into haunted houses.

I'm a huge ol' wuss.

I remember one year I went to a Haunted House with Jared (actually, that year we hit like 4 of them), and at one point a werewolf turned a corner, growling at us. I screamed, "Don't kill me, kill him instead!"

In a separate haunted house, a very large (and rather fake looking) spider dropped from the ceiling. My reaction? Dropping to the floor and cowering in the fetal position. (I kid you not) Jared had to pick me up off the floor and push me in order to keep going.

It always amazes me in the movies how people (or at least those who survive) aren't completely petrified with terror. [shrug] I guess if anything like that ever happens to me, I'll just wind up as zombie-food.

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