Friday, October 10, 2003

Sweet Dreams are made of these.

Yay! Dream entry!

Since my personal life is so mind-numbingly dull, I'll entertain you all with the goings on of my nocturnal imaginings.

Three dreams I've had in the past week or so:

Dream 1:

Mostly involved floating down a river (the Mississippi?) and the fact that I owned a psychic chicken. This chicken would always give predictions that were simultaneously vague and specific. Talk about annoying.

The bird was dubbed the "Chicken of the See" (get it?) and the joke (in the dream) was that the animal was not a tuna.

Dream 2:

A movie called Flowers (I still don't know why. There were no flowers in it, and, as far as I could tell, no character with that name). The movie starred Robert Redford (that was me) and a very young Jennifer Lopez. (Jennifer Lopez ROCKS!! [/personal joke])

Apparently, J-Lo was a time traveller from the future. Redford discovered her secret, but so did some branch of the government. The movie mostly consisted of Lopez running from both me and the agents, all the while having time change due to things being changed.

The two scenes I remember were when I was making a speech on telelvision, and the amount of time that had passed kept changing. "23 hours ago" (zap!) "24 hours ago" (zap!) "12 hours ago"... and there was a scene in a parking garage where I was more or less cornered by the FBI (or whoever it was) and the number of bullets in my gun was changing constantly.

The movie either took place in 1982, or was supposedly released in '82. Either way, I want to see it.

Dream 3:

This one I had last night. It's a bit fuzzy, but the gist was that some combination between Lord Voldemort and Darth Vader had actually won, and had been in control of (wherever) for 1000 (or was it 100?) years. Hagrid was there, and was serving the Dark Lord, but I remember he gave me (I'm not sure who I was) a knowing glance, which seemed to say, "Don't worry. I'm just playin' along until the time is right".

The odd thing is, that even though The Big Bad Evil had conquered the forces of "good", life was overall pretty decent.

And then...the Titanic rose back from the bottom of the ocean. This made the Voldemort/Vader guy really nervous. In fact, everyone in the (wherever) was freaking out about it (which is pretty understandable).

The Voldemort guy decided to do a spell that would allow him to see all the dead people from a specific date. (I believe he picked November 9th, but I forget the year) The whys of this ...I don't know. I think he wanted to interrogate the folks who would be on the Titanic, to try to find out who was behind the ship's rising.

Anywhat, there were a lot of children in Halloween costumes (my brain does not follow your Earth Logic), along with a bunch of sports fans who had died in a bus crash. But the people who the V-man was looking for weren't there. He was outraged.

I suggested to him that it was because they were on the ship, and no longer dead that the spell hadn't allowed him to see them. He concurred, and decided that it was time to board the Titanic.

It was at that moment that I awoke.

My dreams are fun.

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