Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Lost Theory

I think that Craphole Island might be Sunnydale, circa Season 7.

Some spoilers now, for S3 of Lost and S7 of Buffy, so highlight only if you've been watching, or don't care about such matters:

The Smoke Monster seems to be able to take the form of dead people (Yemi, Jack's Dad (?), Hurley's friend Dave (?), maybe Kate's horse), which makes it The First Evil.

The guy with the patch is Xander.

And last night's episode ("I Do") had Caleb (or Mal, if you watched that Firefly show). So Season 7 just keeps on intruding into the Lost world.

I had some other pieces of evidence to back me up, but I've forgotten it now.

In other news, I've decided that Dean Koontz wrote The Husband as a NaNovel. Because a) it certainly couldn't've been planned [the twists are just too...out there] and b) the dialouge is, in many instances, just filler.
It's a crappy book, but I can't stop reading it. Weird.

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Amanda said...

Ooh, I can jump on this theory:

Drew Goddard writes for the show now...

Kate tastes like strawberries.

New Lostaways are showing up, providing exposition, just like Potentials.

Next thing you know, Locke will be fighting the polar bear in the remains of the Hatch, with all the Potential Lostaways looking on.