Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Come on down!!!

Apparently, Bob Barker has decided to retire. There has not (as far as I know) been word yet on who will be replacing him. (Or if they'll simply shut The Price Is Right down once he leaves. Honestly, can you imagine anyone else hosting it?? [and, yeah, I know that others have hosted it, but let's face it Bob Barker is TPIR])

I always imagined that I'd do pretty well on TPIR. Whenever I watch at home, I always play along (god, I spent so many of my summers as a young 'un watching Price is Right, Press Your Luck, and a slew of other daytime game shows), and I always do reasonably well. I'd want my game to be either Cliff Hangers (I love watching the little mountain climber yodel as he goes up. And I always morbidly laugh when he falls off.) or Pathfinder. Or, most appealing - Plinko. Man, Plinko is awesome. Plus, it's fun to say. "Plinko!"

I would NOT want to play That's Too Much!. Because the cheapass in me always yells, "That's too much!" at the first price that Bob says. Because it is.
I would also not really want to play one of Lucky Seven. Yeah, the prize on that is always a BRAND NEW CAR!!!, but it's just too difficult to win.

Of course, it's all pretty much moot now, unless I happen to get down to LA before June of '07. :(
Oh well. There's always Wheel of Fortune.


Anonymous said...

I always wanted to do Jeopardy, but only if I knew there was some way to keep them from airing the show if I completely bombed. Clicking under pressure and clicking on your family room couch are two entirely different scenarios. This is sad because I have a brain like a garbage can. It is stuffed with entirely useless information. And...I could use the money.

Amanda said...

One of my life goals was to go on TPIR and play Lucky Seven. I wanted to tell Bob Barker that I've been watching him since I was two years old, and remember when he had dark hair.

I don't think I should play Cliffhanger, because I always enjoyed when the climber fell over the edge. :)