Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.

I had a big long post about stuff, but I don't.

Question for the P@riots reading this - what are your thoughts on malevolent spirits? People can be influenced by negative energy, can machinery? Does it become a sort of feedback loop where it just builds and builds? Is there a way out of such a cycle? (Short of a baseball bat to the harddrive, or some other violent and expensive release of pressure?)
What about exorcism? Or exercise, maybe? Mabye that's what I need. Work off some of this stress that seems to have built up in me for whatever reason. Who knows? (The Shadow knows.)

Or maybe I just need to be able to laugh at something. It's been a while (read: at least three hours) since I've found anything really funny.

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CosmicAvatar said...

I think there may well be malevolent forces of the like that we can't understand and all that, but I haven't come across any myself, I'm happy to say. (I haven't come across the benevolent ones either, although a friend of mine has, so I'm willing to believe the other sort exists too.)