Friday, November 10, 2006

mundane entry #5302

The problem is that I'm bored by my own thoughts - you know, because I live with them 17/7 - so I'm wondering why I should even bother transfering them to blogper. But, my thoughts are new to you (heh) and additionally, some day down the road I will have forgotten these thoughts and this will serve as a reminder. A snapshot of my brain at the time. Or something.

Of course, now that I've typed all that, I've forgotten what I originally was going to say.

Let's see. Finished reading The Husband today. I don't know why I bothered. 400 pages of ...Koontz.

I've more or less given up on NaNo. Emphasis on the more, actually. I've not written anything story-wise since Tuesday. Oh well. I think I'll just wait until I want to write, rather than having the goal enforced upon me. That being said, good luck to everyone else who is continuing to partake in the craziness of NaNo. And, hey, maybe the world of Wolf will someday call to me again, and if/when it does, I'll listen. I think the bigger problem is that I come up with these ideas, and I want someone else to do the writing for me.

If anybody wants to write Wolf, I'll tell you the gist of what I want to happen, and you can go from there. Really. I'll even forward on the 2000ish words I had written, but they're pretty bad.

Moving on.

So many aspects of our culture (or probably any culture, really) seem... crazy when you try and figure out where it began.
Case in point - circumcision. What the hell possessed the first human beings to say, "Hey, let's cut off some of our skin? And better yet, let's make it some of the skin from the most sensitive part of the body!"
And what's even crazier? The fact that it caught on. Other people were like, "Oh yeah! That mutilation thing is da bomb!"

I had some other idea for yet another story, but I have forgotten it now. Doesn't really matter, because I would have just wanted someone else to do the writing for me. [doh]


Anonymous said...

Every single time I change Sam's diaper I wonder about that. And I wonder how parents can do it. And then I feel bad because I am judging the parents who choose it.

Amy said...

I'm given to understand that it was introduced for sanitation reasons: Wandering for 40 years in the desert, no water, little chance for bathing, things getting unpleasant and possibly infected all up in that general area.

Of course, that still doesn't seem to make the logical leap to: "Hey, I know! Let's just cut it off!" "[lightbulb]!"

And it also doesn't explain why people still do it now with that same reason when most of us are bathing all the freaking time.

Um. In other news! My main problem with writing, and the reason I am not a writer is that I can never figure out what happens in my own plots. It's mostly just a bunch of well-developed characters sitting around in various locales. That said, I would love to write your story for you! But that would wind up being too weird, don't you think?

CosmicAvatar said...

Awwww, I'm sorry NaNo isn't working out for you. I feared the same would happen for me as I was so unprepared, but somehow the craziness is being good for the creative process. Never mind - there's always next year! *groan*