Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lost in thought

With the new Fall Season quickly approaching (hey! Fox! What do you think you're doing starting it so soon? Bastards!), I'm starting to get reexcited about the few returning shows I like, and ...well, pretty much cringing at everything else. I'll have a post later about some thoughts on the upcoming shows. But for now, an observation I had about Lost's first season. (Which comes out on DVD September 6th)

[Begin spoilers for L O S T (see, I was going for the whole floating letters thing like the show has. I don't know that I succeeded, but, what are ya gonna do (starve? hehehe)), anyway, highlight to view.]
It's about our favorite resident nutso, Danielle.
She validates.

When we first met her, it was when Sayid had left the group. He had wandered off because he had just tortured Sawyer, and was feeling guilty. He probably felt as if he should be tortured.
Danielle tortured him.

The next person to meet up with her was Hurley. At this point Hurley had been feeling ..well, kinda crazy, in regard to the "curse" on his lottery numbers. Danielle validated his feelings that he was NOT insane. (Although coming from someone who is as mentally unstable as she is...) But still. She put Hurley at ease in regard to his upset feelings.

Last instance for my...whatever you want to call this. Danielle and Claire. All along Claire's pregnancy she has been worried that "something bad will happen" to the child, especially if she doesn't raise it herself.
Danielle comes along and kidnaps little Turniphead, thus fulfilling the doom and gloom feeling that Claire has been experiencing.

My memory of her interaction with the other castaways is pretty foggy, but it will be interesting to see if this type of thing continues.

[end spoiler]

The new season of Lost begins on ABC on September 21st.


Amy said...

The lettering is highly reminiscent! Good work!

Still only counts as one word, though.

Amanda said...

I'm a dork and signed up for the newsletter. They sent out a couple lines from the premiere yesterday. Not very spoilery, but since I can't tag in comments, I won't post. PM or email me for requests!

jon said...
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