Thursday, August 18, 2005

There are customers in the cube.

Actually, it's probably "in the queue", but the stupid female mechanical voice isn't entirely clear, despite my having heard it a billion times. And "in the cube" is funnier. [/making sense only to myself. And Steph]

So. I've been on vacation the past four days, and it's only just now ("just now" meaning "today when I woke up around 9 am") feeling like a vacation. Figures.

But, since I've had the past four days (plus the weekend) off, we've had a lot of stuff to do, and I should update, but I'm not really feeling up to it. Plus, Steph is singing, which is making typing very difficult.

So I'll compromise. I'll do a quick synopsis of what's happened the past 48 + 48 hours.

1) Saren turned eight. The Steph pretty much blogged what I was going to. You can read that account (if you haven't already) here. (Question for Amy - can I take credit for the words Steph wrote in that entry? I totally think I should.)

2) The rabbit was saved, and has been officially adopted into SpishCo. The rodent (rabbits are rodents, aren't they?) is named Sunny. (I prefer to think of it as "Sunnydale", but I keep that amusing name to myself.) I'd go into further detail on the ongoings of the bunny, but the Steph wants to blog about it. Which is fine, since she's much more into the animal than I am. So, you know, check her blog in the upcoming days for a detailed rabbit blog. (Although if she uses "Feed the wabbit!" as her blog title I may go insane.)

3) Went swimming - sorta. Wednesday was Life Learners day, and since I didn't have to be cooped up in an office building (yay!) I got to join the rest of the Spish on their weekly outing. This time it was to the Henderson Pool of Poolness. Or something. It was a really big public swimming pool. Saren had a great time, as did Harper (we played Polly Pockets in the pool). Irina liked it for a little while, then got sleepy, but, since she is a valiant soldier in the war against sleep, she fought her instincts and had a semi-miserable time. [frown] Steph and I had a pretty good time too. And I think I'll take this opportunity to mention to Miranda that she still hasn't started up her own blog yet. [Hi, Miranda!]

4) We looked at travel trailers! This is like the first "step" toward the (going to be abandonded?) goal of RVing across the country for 6 months to a year. It was interesting to actually finally see the inside of one of these vehicles that we may call home in about two years hence. It made the plan a little more real, although it also raised several new fears and/or doubts about the whole situation. Again, I'd go into more detail, but I think I'm going to sign off for now so we can watch Mean Girls.


Anonymous said...

Ha! No blog for me, but I AM commenting on yours! It's a first step....right?


P@ said...

Absolutely. [up]

Amy said...

Dear Pat: Not if it's in an outside link. If you'd copied and pasted, you could totally count it.

Dear Irina: Sleep is not just for the weak. Someday, someday you'll learn. Then you'll think, "Why have I spent so much of my life trying to stay awake? Sleeping is awesome!"

Sleeping is awesome.

Stephanie said...



Tit Luca said...

Well so what?

Tit Luca said...

I hope you are well!