Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mundane Update #4210

While I wait for the computer to do it's thing, I'll blog again. I don't have anything to say, though. I did update (earlier) the station's computers into 2006 for the first time this year. Which is kinda crazy. 2006, man. Two. Thousand. Six.

I wonder when people will start saying "Twenty [last two digits of year]" instead of "Two Thousand [last two digits of year]"

I mean, 2006 said as Twenty o' six (or better, twenty aught six) sounds ...actually, I kinda like it. Maybe I'll start saying it that way. Heh. Twenty aught six. If the computers would allow it, I'd start labeling everything at work that way. Spelled out and everything. Sadly, they don't.

Still waiting on the computer. Com. Pew. Ter.


Tomorrow is teh Friday. YAY! But, I just know that tomorrow is going to be busy, busy, busy. Oh well. 9 days off will be absolutely wonderful.

What else? I'm wearing mismatching socks today. Nobody's noticed. Or if they have, they've kept quiet.  Of course, I haven't noticed if other people are wearing matching socks either. Maybe EVERYONE wears different colored socks, and I'm just now catching onto the trend. I doubt it though.

Geez, computer, aren't you done yet? How long does it take to put information into a database for the next 15 months? Heh.

When robots are finally given artificial intelligence - or the illusion of it, whatever - I wonder if they'll have something like Asimov's 3 laws of robotics put into place on them.  While that would be nice, I think we also need to make sure that robots can't hurt anybody's feelings. These slaves need to know their place. [/idontknow]

Ooh! Computer's done!

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