Saturday, August 27, 2005


Heh. If I didn't have the title of "The P@rix" for my blog, I think I would go with that instead.


I think I'm going to avoid talking about Saren's decision to go to school. Why? Several reasons.
a) Because Steph has talked about it already - and she says things better than I do anyway.
b) Denial is something I excel at.
c) Steph is already upset about this (as am I) and thinking about it and/or talking about it feels like wallowing in self-pity. Or that's what it would be for me. Why do I suck at cheering people up(anyone- myself included)?

So, yeah. No talking about how it feels like we've failed as parents (why would Saren want to choose school if she were happy at home?). No talking about the numerous numerous fears and worries I have about her going to school. (Please, dont' get me started. I will seriously be here forever talking about things that I'm imagining going wrong. Although I'd probably hit my word goal if I did...) No talking about how the whole fiassco has greatly illustrated just EXACTLY how fucked up the school system is (and we're not even IN it yet).


Instead, I'll talk about...I don't know what. The "Saren going to school" issue is like a large elephant sitting in the living room. (Look out, Oreo!)

Friday - yesterday - I was Michigan J. Frog.
Our station has a "frog suit" - I just did a google image search, and found a picture of a frog suit from a WB station in Tulsa, here. The suit we have is exactly the same.
Anyway, for the past 8 weeks our station has been doing a promotion with Meadow Gold Dairy (a local dairy company) where we would hand out free ice cream and the Frog would be there.
Yesterday was the final week, and I was the lucky person to go into the frog suit. (Note, I've done this on two other occassions, just never blogged about it before)
Getting into the frog suit is a difficult ordeal, and then once you're inside (or, rather, once I am inside - you are never going to be in there, most likely) ...once inside the Frog, moving and visibility are several limited. It's also very very hot. (There is a small fan that is constantly blowing, but it still is quite sweat inducing.)

So why do I put myself through it?

Because I am willing to put myself through all sorts of crap for money. Being in the frog for one hour winds up giving me an additional fifty dollars on my check. Well, $44.60 something, after taxes.
So, yeah. Money is the whole rationale behind the humiliation, the discomfort, the sore muscles (the suit is pretty heavy).
Plus, I get lunch out of the deal.

I was thinking about humiliation for money the other day - we were watching Fear Factor - and it's really ...well, really it's sad that people are so willing to belittle themselves for pieces of paper. Correction. Symbollic pieces of paper.

And, you know, I'm not even really in the mood to bitch about it. Or anything. I think I'm going to go take a shower and perhaps have an ice cream sandwich (left over from the Meadow Gold event).

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Amy said...

An ice cream sandwich!! Oh boy!

Man, I'd be a frog for an hour for fifty bucks.

Also, I think the entry title would make a pretty good blog title.

Did you do the song and dance?

P@ said...

Did you do the song and dance?
The frog isn't supposed to speak (or sing), but I did do my p@ented butt-wiggle.

Amanda said...

Michigan J. Frog just isn't the same without "Hello my baby, hello my honey" at least playing in the background.