Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Autobots, Roll Out!

[take two. This is exactly as it was supposed to have been sent originally. Any additional ...additions will be put in brackets]


We're now six weeks away from roll out, which is the term used to describe the beginning of the Fall TV Season. Woo HOO!

And also, Yikes! 6 weeks?!? How the hell did that happen?

Also also, where the hell is my episode schedule for, oh, say, every new show we're premiering? Bernie Mac? Not here yet. Sex and the City? Nope. My Wife and Kids? Well, not like I care, but no, it too has not yet arrived. We'll see if they get here by Wednesday, and then I guess I'll start panicking and calling distributors. Mmm. Work.

I had some weird dream in which Marilyn Manson was trying to drive a vehicle called an Air Walker (derived from Skywalker, maybe?) into a shopping mall. The Air Walker was this hugely ginormous SUV-slash-tank type of thing. I mean, it was BIG. Like building size big.
Except the wheels were the size of skateboard wheels. Really big vehicle, really bitty wheels.

Anyway, as Marilyn was driving this monstrosity toward the building, I was in the direct path. As it was approaching the mall, I tried to stop him saying, "You're not going fast enough!" He didn't take heed, though, and the Air Walker rolled over me (but it didn't hurt because the wheels were so small). The Air Walker bumped into the building and stopped. Apparently he hadn't been going fast enough to do damage to either the building or the Air Walker.

I stood up and looked at the scene while a news reporter (from MTV News, but it was nobody I recognized) came and asked me what I had witnessed.

Then Nirvana woke me up.

Stupid alarm clocks.

In other news, my lunch today is left over Olive Garden food. Mmm. Food.
Sadly, it's only 9:30, so I won't be eating it for a while.


So, I've got this bump on my cheek. It's under my beard and I'm not sure how long it's been there. I discovered it yesterday, and of course, now that I'm aware of it, it's constantly bugging me. It's about the size of a quarter, and it's slightly sore to the touch. I just keep telling myself that it's not a too-mah.


Holy crap. I'm cleaning off my desk - I want to make sure that it's organized before I go on vacation - and it's amazing how different it looks without papers all over it. It's like...I could do work here! Interesting.

6 and one half hours to go.

Family Guy probably should have stayed canceled. [/bordering on blasphemy]
The last two weeks that I've watched it, just haven't been funny. It's a mean spirited show and a LOT of it's humor is misogynistic and sexist. Too much of it is simply pop culture references for the sake of pop culture references. Which is not to say that it sometimes isn't funny, it's just ...I don't know. Last night's episode made me laugh twice. Once when God started the fire and said, "Jesus Christ!" and then Jesus Christ was there and said, "What?" God: "Get in the Escalade, we're getting out of here!"
And the other was the end scene which was simply a remake of the final scene from Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.
The week before that - I don't think I laughed at all. At the end of the episode I thought to myself, "Why did I just waste a half hour watching that?"

Meh. Whatever. We don't watch that much television anymore anyway (I was just thinking about this earlier today, how when I was in Master Control, I watched 8 hours of television EVERY DAY, and then would often times come home and watch another two or three. No wonder my brain is so...), so one less half an hour can only help. We do watch lots of movies now, though. Although I think once we get through the next 40ish DVDs in our queue, that we'll slow down on that a bit, too. Or maybe not. I don't know. Movies are good. DVDs, while still a tool of the devil, are good.

Steph just emailed me and informed me that Peter Jennings died. In a half an hour, when I go to lunch, I'll watch the local news, and be pretty irritated that they'll attempt to mix this inbetween vapid non-stories and the weather. 

Like Steph, I will always remember Peter Jennings as the one we watched during 9/11, and how at one point, after having been on the air for like 4000 hours straight, he said, "Come on!!" in a super aggravated voice when he didn't realize he was still on the air. It was a moment that drove home that he was a human being, something I'm not so sure about in regard to most newscasters nowadays.

Scared. Little. Monkey.
wOw, do I ever suck.
It's just a phone call, Pat. Pick up the phone, dieal (heh. dial, that is) the numbers, talk to the human being on the other end. Simple. Or, you know, keep procrastinating by typing. Whatever works for ya.

Well, yes, I suppose sitting here not typing AND not calling is also an option. Stupid.

Okay. Call. Call, Pat. Pick up the phone and call either Erica or Dominique and ask the questions and get the answers and then you can go back to NOT talking on the phone. But until you do it, it's going to be making you sicker and more nervous because you're not doing it, and you have to.
Pick. Up. The. Phone.
Stop typing.

Okay. Going now.


Well. That's a little better. You've made two (two!!) phone calls, and it didn't kill you. Of course, you still need to make one more, since neither of the first two wielded much info, but, hey, third time's the charm, right?

Doh. Erica wasn't in. Funny how talking to her machine was a lot easier than talking to an actual person. I wonder what that says about me. And about machines. It probably ain't good, whatever it is.
But! Mission...well, "mission accomplished" only in the Bush Administration sense of the phrase. I completed the phone calls, but I don't have the info I need. Now it becomes a game of waiting for return phone calls. However, the pressure is off me to make the calls, so it's all good. Or something. All I know is I could really go for a Pepsi right about now. Sadly, I don't have any money. Oh! Maybe there's some change in the car. C'mon, universe, work with me here...


30 cents. And some pennies.

Doh. Pepsi denied.

In other news, I am on a phone call roll! I've made like 4 now. In the past half hour. Granted, 3 of those have wound up talking to voice mails, but still. You know what this means, right? It means that in about twenty minutes, my phone is going to ring nonstop. Hmm.

I never did get around to answering my 2nd boq from last week. I'll have to be sure and do that sometime soon. I wonder if I've hit my word count quota for today. (It's 978, for those playing at home. And as of right ...NOW, this entry is at: 1,222.

Yay! I've made my quota of the day. And then some! Now if I can do this same amount of typing EVERY DAY for the rest of the year, I'll meet the goal of 200,005 words blogged in one year. Piece. of. cake.

Mmmmm. Cake.


[at this point was the Ron Weasley test results that are below]



And, hey, speaking of word count, if I keep on adding on to this, maybe I'll hit my goal today!


The title of this particular blog entry reminded me of this toy I saw at Target. It was this huge Optimus Prime. I believe it was labeled as "Optimus Prime: Energon", and while it was 40 bucks - meaning it was less than the Unicron toy that has been calling my name for over a year - it would totally be worth having. Oh man, I miss my Transformers toys.

And Boglins! I'm sure nobody remembers those (I stand corrected) but they were mini goblin like hand puppets that came in a box shaped like a cage. Oh man, those were cool.

Other cool ass toys from my youth: M.U.S.C.L.E.S., Garbage Pail Kids, Popples (shut up! They were too cool!), Alien in a can (dude. How DID they do that? Anyone who remembers/figured out the secret, let me know. We'll talk.), Army Ants,  and Pogoballs. Ahh. Good times.

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Amy said...

"Too much of it is simply pop culture references for the sake of pop culture references. Which is not to say that it sometimes isn't funny, it's just ...I don't know [...] At the end of the episode I thought to myself, 'Why did I just waste a half hour watching that?'"

You've just explained why I no longer watch The Simpsons. But I've discussed this before.