Monday, August 22, 2005

How was your vacation?

Seven times so far.

It's weird being back. Part of my soul died on the drive in today. That
sounds like a cliche, but in this instance, I think I actually
understand it. While driving down Flamingo, there was this ache in my
heart that sucked beyond the telling of it. I didn't shed tears, but my
eyes did water.

Like I was telling Steph yesterday, we have it backwards. There should
be two weeks out of the year where you go to work, and the rest of the
time you lounge around doing what you want.

Saturday night into Sunday morning I had my only work dream (that I know
of) while on my vacation, which was a sure sign it was over.
In the dream, the General Manager of the station had ordered me to stab
a woman in the heart with a sword. The woman was someone who worked
here, and there was a reason behind it, but I don't recall what it was.
I can't remember specifically who it was, but she was an older blonde
actress. Goldie Hawn or Farrah Fawcett. Someone like that.
Eventually, we dueled each other with our swords, and engaged in the
requisite witty banter that all sword fighters do. Only it wasn't witty
banter. It was me confronting her about emails and telephone calls
regarding work.
Eventually, I did stab her, although she didn't die. My brain has two
versions as to why. One was that I stabbed her more in the shoulder than
in the heart. The second was that she didn't have a heart to begin with.
I'm not sure which I actually dreamt - maybe both.

Anyway, it's not like my subconscious was being particularly subtle with
it's message there. "You are doing things at work you don't really want
to." Gee, thanks for the news flash, inner workings of my mind!

I had more to say, but I should get back to work. Although I'd much
rather be watching The Price is Right. But then, who wouldn't?

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