Friday, July 29, 2005

What's wrong with this message?

The following will be transcribed completely unedited. Well, except that I'll remove the woman's last name. But everything else will be exactly as I heard it on my voice mail.

Hi, my name is Tanya [last name withheld] and, um, my son, John, he likes that show, The Batman, and um, so do 113 of his closest friends. They had a birthday party and um, 113 of his friends plus another seven, I would say, you know, if you include the five year olds, they um, they're all in, uh  fifth grade and they love The Batman. They buy lots of the um...the.. the..we bought lots of the party supplies... and um he just wanted to know if you guys would have the show back on in the near future. Because he can't always get to it on Saturday mornings since he um, has uh, Tae Kwon Do practice for three hours, and um, he also likes that show Birds of Prey, and he was wondering if you could give us a call back, um, he wanted to know, as well as I do, um, why you guys canceled Birds of Prey.
It was a great story and, um, it was one that had, um, never been told about the side of, uh, Batman and Catwoman's intimacy, and uh, they're daughter, Huntress. So if you could give me ...if you could please leave a message um, sometime between the times of, um, on my house phone, um, between the times, of I would say, 8 ...8 o'clock...AM, and 9 o'clock AM, um, that would be much obliged, and um, I look forward to receiving your call.
So, um, have a nice day. Bye.


Amy said...

It's, um. The "ums" um ... man.


Min said...

Wow. She didn't leave a very big window during which you could make the important phone call.

P@ said...

She also didn't leave, oh, say, a phone number.

I guess she thinks that since I work for a TV station, I'm all buddy-buddy with Big Brother and I already have it?

Anonymous said...

Um. You're responsible for The Batman? OMG, um, you're like, um, totally famous!