Friday, July 22, 2005

Harry Potter and the End of the Wor(l)d


Okay, so it has been confirmed that JK Rowling has written the final sentence (maybe the entire final chapter??) of the 7th Harry Potter book. And she has revealed the final word to the online world.

The final word, supposedly, is
[begin spoiler for Harry Potter's final word - highlight to view]
[end spoiler]

Which is pretty intriguing to think about.

Now comes the fun part. Leave a comment, if you wish, wherein you write the final sentence. (or paragraph, or chapter, if you're feeling particularly creative) Naturally, the sentence must end with the final word. And also naturally, if you're avoiding spoilers, don't read the comments.

Have fun and I look forward to reading final Harry Potter sentences.


Amy said...

Ordinarily, I don't like fanfic based on books. Though I have no problem with fanfic based on television shows and the like. I think it's because books tend to be the creative output of one person, and their word choice and style is so completely interwoven with what the story is and how you feel about the story.

For some reason though, I'm cool with Harry Potter fanfic. Even though I totally don't read it. Just, the idea of it, I mean. Perhaps this is because they made movies of it. And it then becomes a collaborative effort of a group, instead of the creation of an individual.

Holy crap. What the hell am I talking about? This had nothing to do with your entry.

Jess said...

". . . and now he was horribly disfigured, Harry longed for the days when he had had only one scar."

OR, my 'real' guess:

"At last Harry knew the true meaning of his scar." (Or something along those lines.)

Anonymous said...

"All this time Harry misheard the lyric. He had thought Anthony Keidis was singing about car tissue. Oh, right. Scar."