Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wasting Time

Heh. A mass email was sent out with a PDF attached about Time Management. It  was labeled as a "Time Management Quiz". When I opened it, I saw that it had multiple questions asked, and I thought, "Oooh! A BOQ!" And, naturally, I felt I had to share.

How Effective Are Your Time Management Skills?
I'm going to take a wild guess and say "not very".

At Work
1. Am I able to divide large projects into a series of smaller
projects which can be completed quickly?
Well...I can. I mean I am able to. Do I? Probably not as often as I should, no.

2. Do I have a written “to do” list where I can check off
completed projects?

3. Do I sort mail and read e-mail messages while “holding”
on the telephone?
Yes! This one I do! Does this mean I'm an effective cog?

4. Do I schedule meetings and make phone calls shortly
before lunch or near the end of the workday so that they
don’t drag on indefinitely?
Um. Well, I don't schedule meetings period. And phone calls are just a "whenever" basis, so, um..."maybe?"

5. Have I learned to tackle the most challenging tasks at the time of day when I have the
most energy?

Actually, I guess I have. I wait to do the Friday PCIP task until the afternoon. Although that could be looked at as merely putting off the inevitable for as long as possible. Hmm.

6. Am I positioned so I can avoid eye contact with people walking by?
Oh good god yes. I'm all about the avoidance of eye contact.
*looks away*

7. Do I indicate clearly when visitors to my work area are welcome as well as when I am
busy and do not wish to be interrupted?

Well, yes and no. I mean, it's not my fault that some people are dense and just don't get that I'm antisocial. Most people know that already, though. So we'll give me half a point for this one. Yay!

8. Do I file efficiently and allow computer files to replace paper files?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Well, I file. Efficiently? Ummm. Hey! What's that over there?
And sadly, I keep both computer files and paper files.

9. Have I learned to delegate efficiently?
What is this "efficiently" of which they keep speaking? And what is this "delegate" of which they speak? And what is this "learned"?

At Home
10. Do I stock up on items such as postage stamps and greeting cards so I can minimize trips
to purchase them?

You know, that's a really good idea!!

(Good meaning lame.)

11. Am I able to let my answering machine screen calls to minimize interruptions?
Heee! Well, half the calls we get are blocked because we're online. 1/2 of the ones that do get through get answered by the machine (usually because we're not home at the time of the call).
The calls that get past those lines of defense break down the following way:
1/3 - telemarketing
1/3 - wrong number
1/3 - family or friends
In conclusion, I hate the telephone.

12. Am I able to say “No” to new projects when I realize I have reached my limit?
I say no all the time. Or a lot, anyway. I'm trying to say yes more. It's a better way to live.
And when it comes to new projects at home, I constantly add more to the "some day I need to do this" pile. Which only rarely has something removed.

13. Is my clothes closet organized so that I can quickly find appropriate outfits?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Actually, it pretty much is.

14. Have I learned to make medical and dental appointments for first thing in the morning or
immediately after the lunch break in order to minimize waiting time?

I'll say no.

15. Have I organized my bill-paying efficiently, either paying all of them at one time or using
direct payment options?

Um. I don't know. Have I, Steph?

So. Let's see how the scoring goes...

If you answered “yes” to 13 – 15 questions, you are managing your time exceptionally well; 10 –
12, you have good habits but could be more efficient, fewer than 10, you would benefit from
adopting some of these time management strategies. Stress and fatigue are rarely caused by
what you have accomplished, but by thinking about what you haven’t completed! The better you
manage your time, the less stress you will feel!

Huh. So what they're saying is if I make my time my own, I won't be so irritated. Interesting.


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