Saturday, July 02, 2005

Give me five!

Awww. Five years. Amazing.

She's had a great day so far, and it's not even done yet! (We still are going out to dinner to the place where a kid can be a kid.)

Stuff acquired: A big ass keyboard that is red with purple keys. Also has a microphone attached. Aside from pushing the "demo" button, though, it hasn't been used.

A new scooter.

A new birthday outfit. (Orange!)

Shrek 2 on DVD (cute kitty!!)

Some My Little Ponies.

A "Build your own tiara" book.

50 bucks to spend at Build a Bear Workshop. (Done! Sallie is purple, soft, plays a magical chime when you squeeze her foot, and has a cute little outfit.)

A Shrek M&Ms dispenser.

Some Polly Pockets.

Breakfast at The Original Pancake House.


Quote of the day: "I like being five better than being four and a half!"

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Annika said...

Unreal. Wow!

Simon said...

Shrek 2 is really very good. Hooray! I love happy birthdays.

Amy said...


Jess said...

Appy (belated) Birfday, Harper! And boy, am I jealous of the Build-a-bear trip! (Except that they don't have rafs.)