Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thumpa thumpa whoosh!

Thumpa thumpa whoosh!

My heart is excited. Apparently. I don't know how else to describe it. It feels like two really hard beats, followed by an abrupt rush of blood surging through my chest area.

It doesn't hurt, it actually somewhat tickles. It's more of a nuisance than anything painful.

But, with the heart being, you know, one of those "vitally important" muscles and all, I guess I shouldn't take it as lightly as I am.

The thumpa thumpa whoosh! has been going on -noticeably, at least- for a few days. Today has been the most constant, though. It's happening now. thumpa thumpa whoosh! Whee!

Steph suggested I lay off the Pepsi for a week or so and see if that makes a difference. Bummer. But okay.
Why is it that the things that taste best kill you? [sigh]

Granted, healthy stuff doesn't have to taste bad. I do love my fruits and vegetables. But I wish I could have Pepsi more. Actually, what I really want is a combination of Pepsi and fruit. Mmmm. Pepsifruit.

My point? (thumpa thumpa whoosh!) I guess now that I'm all old and stuff I should start trying to fix what my youthful stupidity ruined. Stupid youthful self! Heh.

Heh. You know what I just had a flash of? (aside from blood pressure?) That scene in Season 5 of Buffy when Dawn discovers Riley's accelerated heart rate. Dude. Maybe the government is slipping me pills! That would be cool. Wait. That would make me Riley Finn. Hrm.


Annika said...

Well anyway, I liked Riley.

Simon said...

Annika made exactly the comment I was going to. D'oh!

Amy said...

Um. That's probably not good.

Amanda said...

Caffeine raises blood pressure.