Saturday, July 30, 2005

Lint trap

Nothing to say.
Nada dos speako.
Nein der ich bien shrpekensay.

The internet is still boring. So am I.

Our car, since it hasn't done so in six months, has decided to develop a new problem. It now has a grinding noise when you first start it up whenever the wheel is turned. It's only been going on for about a week, but it's gotten progressively worse during that time. It used to be that it would stop grinding once the car had been running for a few minutes. Today it seemed to grind for a much longer time. Loverly.

We shopped at Sunflower Market today. Sunflower Market is the newest health food shopping center. They're like Wild Oats or Whole Foods. (I'm not sure if there's an equivalant overseas)
Anyway, their slogan is "Serious Food. Silly Prices." Steph suggested that meant that the cereal (for example) would be marked as "eleventy-two dollars!", which would be an awesome place to shop. But sadly, that was not the case.
However! Maybe the "silly prices" rubbed off on Harper, because she was being incredibly hyper-silly-strange while in the store and on the drive home.
"I'm weird!" ~ Harperism of the night. (It really does lose some of it's hilariousness when you can't hear it, but trust me, it was pretty funny.)


Guess that's all for now.

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Min said...
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Min said...

Oops. That was me who deleted the comment. I didn't know there would be EVIDENCE afterward.


Were the prices silly like, expensive? :-D

There's a store out here called "Stupid Prices." Everything is supposed to be stupidly inexpensive. Or something.

P@ said...

The prices were pretty decent. Especially for a health food store. (Why is it that the stuff that's good for you and/or the planet is so freakin' expensive??)

cash at home said...
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