Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dream, briefly.

The problem with dream explanations is that they take much less time than the dream themselves. So this will most likely be a short entry...if I ever get around to typing up the dream, that is.

Here's what I remember:

I was driving to work - in an RV. I was driving down Flamingo, and it was raining. I was stressed because there was too much traffic (just like real life!) and I was unaccustomed to the size of the motor home.
The person in front of me had stopped, and I put on the brakes. The RV slowed, but came creeping forward, and I could tell that I wasn't going to not hit the car in front of me.
The RV did bump the vehicle, before coming to a complete stop, but it was just a small tap. The driver of the car  I had hit didn't even seem to notice.

The dream jumped and I was still stuck in traffic, but I was underneath a freeway overpass, and I was out of the RV. Lots of other people had also gotten out of their vehicles, so the whole street was at a stand-still. Suddenly, the guy in front of me - who looked awfully familiar, but I can't place who he looked like. The closest I can come up with is Marcus, from a local car commercial that is no longer on the air, and also that doesn't help readers who have no idea what Marcus looks like. Oh! I know - that jerky guy from ER. He looked like him.
ANYWAY, suddenly he starts to fight with ...well, everyone. He had begun his fight with some other motorist, and they were pushing each other. But when a few people held him back, not-Marcus began to take swings at everybody who came within punching distance. Needless to say, not-Marcus was given a wide berth.
However, he kept swinging. At nobody in particular, really. Just in hopes that he'd hit someone, I guess. It was as though he'd gotten stuck on "punch" mode or something. I recall saying, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!!!" as he went about trying to attack people. Which only resulted in him moving toward me. Eventually, he tripped  (on the curb, I think) and wound up falling onto the shoulder of the street and knocking his head on a rock. A mixture of relief and concern swept through us all, as we crept in to make sure he was alive. He twitched a couple of times, and that seemed to be good enough for the crowd. We got back in our vehicles and waited for the light to change.

That's all I remember.

Brains are weird.


Amy said...

Dude, the next time I remember a dream and have the time to write it out, I'll have to post it for the peoples.

Only then can you understand how depressingly normal you are.

Anonymous said...

hehe.. that jerky guy from ER..