Friday, July 22, 2005


Apparently James Marsters will be joining the cast of Smallville for several episodes in the upcoming season.

Guess who he's going to be playing.

Go on, guess.

Give up?


Holy bleep,!

I might just have to start rewatching Smallville. Of course, the brainaics at the WB are moving it to Thursdays at 8, where it will be against Survivor, so it's a tough call. We shall see.
I just felt like sharing the James Marsters/Smallville news. I'm sure it's mentioned on the WD as well, but like MTV News, you heard it here first. (um. Unless you heard it somewhere else first, but if you did just keep that to yourself. [tongue])


Simon said...

No. Way!

Min said...

Whenever I see JM playing anyone other than Spike, I laugh at his American over-pronounciation of the letter "r." It doesn't sound funny to me when the rest of us (non-southern) Americans do it, but with him, it is hi-larious!

Amanda said...

I quit watching Smallville ages ago. Something else is going up against Survior in that spot, too. Is it Alias? I hate it when they do that. There is so little television I want to watch, why do they have to pile it all up in the same time slots?