Thursday, January 15, 2004

Who invented mornings?

I hate that person. I bet it was...oh, I don't even know who it was. But they're bastards, whoever they are. And I hope they have their testicles (or the testicles of a loved one, maybe) bitten off by a rhino.

I was [i]this[/i] close to quitting today. And I haven't even gone to work yet! (Well, I did to pick up my paycheck, but I didn't have to do any actual work - not that I do actual work when I'm [i]there[/i]...)

But, yeah. Still no raise. Which we're supposed to get every year. And this year we (apparently) did not. Fuck that. Also, I think (but am not sure, because I am stupid and did not keep track) but I [i]think[/i] that they screwed me out of at least a day of overtime.

Plus, Angel was crappy last night. Crappy!!

And my hands are freezing.

In addition, ...damnit. I've forgotten. But I know something else was pissing me off. I'm the grumpy old troll today. I think it's because I had to wake up early. Bgargh! OH! I remember! I still haven't worked on February's questions for that 'boq a month' thing I was gonna do. And January is half over. AND I still haven't done any work on episode 2 of Ape10.

And I used markup instead of HTML at the beginning of this rant.

And I'm hungry.

Here's hopin' the day gets better.

Or, more accurately, here's hopin' that my outlook on the day gets better. Yeah.

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