Thursday, January 29, 2004

Secret ...Agent Man

I'm posting at work, which means I must avoid enemy lines. The walls have ears. And eyes. And possibly other organs as well. It's kinda creepy.

The next few days - or weeks, even- are going to be busy. Tomorrow we've got quite a bit to do before I even go to work. But we'll have money again! Huzzah! Money fixes everything.

Tonight I will probably watch Bruce Almighty, since Mike is going to lend it to me. Free movies rule.

I've got lots of onlineness to finish up in the next few days as well. It's all boring, so I won't go into it. It's just the same old thing of feeling like needing to play catchup after being offline for any extended amount of time. Call it the Online Trap. (Not related to the Agricultural Revolution! Trap. [wink]) But, in related news, Jupe, if you're reading this, I should tell you that it might be a little longer before I respond to your email(s). By the end of February, I promise.
And don't even get me started on finishing reading Heath's manuscript. I am so far behind on doing that. I'm deeply ashamed of myself, and I feel like I should apologize (many times) to Heath for how long it's taking me. Gah. Bad friend. Bad critic.

In RL news, the 11th is some Valentine thing for homeschoolers that we're going to attend for the girls. Yay!
Friday the 13th will be the last day that my stepmom is in the house that my parents bought back in '95. Not sure if I blogged about this before or not, but my father has been living in Arizona for the past two months (after he retired from the Air Force, he got a job in AZ. Yeah. I know. Taker Insanity.), and they've finally sold the house here. So the 13th will be a goodbye dinner. Weird.

Before then, we need to arrange to get a truck so that we can pick up the dining room table and hutch that my parents owned (they're getting rid of all the old furniture). Yay for new/used stuff!

And of course, there's the Stupid Bowl coming up on Sunday. I plan on watching for the commercials, although even that doesn't seem all that appealing.
Although - in related news - yesterday we dubbed a Quizno's spot that is...well, you've just got to see it to believe it. I'm thinking that it's going to be a SuperBowl ad, simply because even though it's a horrible spot, it's memorable. Anywhat, we've shown it to several people here at work, and the reaction 90% of the time is "Is this a joke?"

But the day after SBSunday is Groundhog Day! Yay!! Oddly, we don't have any plans for GHD. Suppose there's still time...

On that note, I must take my leave. The enemy is closing in.

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