Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ape10 episode 1:
Monkey vs. Dinosaur

Azwood. 65 million years ago.

An ankylosaurus walks by the lush landscape, bored. A loud grating noise, similar to when you attempt to start a car engine that is already running, emits from the air.

An eletric crackle, followed by lightning and smoke and then an ear-splitting "BOOM!" When the dust and smoke cleared, a silver box was left standing. The box opened, and a strange, implike, presidental creature with blue skin stepped out. (It's not him)

The ankylosaurus, upon seeing this, shook it's head slowly and said, in a meloncholy voice, Ruur!!.

Azwood. Present day.

Ape10 was relaxing, chatting with his friends Spark the robot, and Zombielyn Monroe.

"...and that's why they call it the blues." Spark concluded.

Just then, a small figure wearing a hood and cloak entered Ape10's park. Ape10 noticed, sat up and examined what was obviously a child. However, it was unclear whether it was a boy or a girl. Spark and Zombielyn turned to see what had gotten Ape10's attention. They all stared as the child walked toward the primate. It was rare for them to receive visitors at all, let alone someone so small in stature, and donning such unusual clothing.

Ape10 was the first to speak. "May I help you?" he asked. (Many people reacted badly to hearing a nonhuman speak, but it had been Ape10's experience that children were rather accepting of his unique abilities.)

The child stopped, and presented Ape10 with a sheet of paper. Ape10 took the paper, and tried to gaze at the young person's face, but could not get a clear look. The eyes were visible under the hood, but not much else. Ape10's gut told him that there was something off about this child.

He looked down at the paper that had been handed to him, and read what it said. Instantly alarmed, he looked up to ask the child where this information had come from. But the stranger had disappeared.

Ape10 showed the paper to Spark and Zombielyn. "I don't know who that was, but if this information is accurate, we need to go to the Time Blender right away."

Zombielyn growled, ""Grrahuh!"

Spark nodded. "Neither do I. There was something not quite right about that human. Besides, this could very well be a trap."

Ape10 agreed. "True. I, too, felt that the child was not to be trusted. However, this" (he shook the paper) "is too dangerous to ignore. I say we go to the Time Blender and take care of it. And if it is a trap..." Ape10 morphed into a gorilla, then finished, "...we'll be ready for it."

The trio climbed into the Time Blender, and Spark adjusted the controls. Once everything was set, there was a twip!, and the giant machine with a monkey, a robot, and a zombie disappeared into the distant past.


"Are we there?" Ape10 asked once they had arrived.
Spark inspected the controls, then said, "Yes. We are 65 million years ago. 65,341,401 years, to be exact."

Zombielyn smiled and said, "Gnnnnnuuh!!"

The trio emerged from the Time Blender into the strange surroundings of the Paleoithic. The trees were huge. The insects were huge. As they looked around, Zombielyn asked, "Rnuh?"

Spark said, "Yes. My sensors indicate that we are surrounded by prehistoric creatures. And..."
At that moment, several dozen velociraptors emerged from the bushes, followed by the person controlling them, Bluebush the Pirate.

"Bluebush." Ape10 said with a sneer, showing his teeth.

"Yarh." Bluebush said. "Tis 'bout time ye showed up."

Ape10 glared at his enemy, then said, "Well, are you going to explain your Master Plan? That's what you villians do at this stage, isn't it?"

The pirate looked contemplative, then said, "All right, ye stinkin' monkey. My plan is this - I will steal these terrible lizards from the past, train them to be obidient to me, and together we will defeat the Axis of Evil. Arrgh. Imagine it. T-rex versus terrorism. There's no way they stand a chance. Ha ha ha! And nobody can stop me. Not even ye!"

Ape10 shook his head. "You're wrong, Bluebush. We are gonna kick Jurassic."

Bluebush frowned, then said, "You'll have to get through my army first. And even if ye do, I've already sent three of my greatest dinowarriors through to various points on the timeline. You'll never find them all! Arrr!"

The blue man then ordered the dinosaurs to attack. Ape10 grabbed a stick and began to beat the reptiles. Zombielyn kicked, scratched, and punched. Then did what zombies love to do - she ate their brains. Spark was able to defeat the remainder of the dinosaurs using his incredible robot strength!!

Once the threat was nullified, our heroes looked around and discovered that Bluebush had disappeared. The wily politician had managed once again to allude capture.

Sighing, Ape10 and his friends went back to the Time Blender and returned to the present. They needed to plan what to do about Bluebush's plan, and the misplaced dinosaurs.

Back at Ape10's headquarters, Ape10 went over the questions that were bothering him. "Where could Bluebush have put the three dinosaurs? What effect on the timeline will they have? How did Bluebush aqcuire time travel capabilities?"

Zombielyn added, "Gnuh."

Spark nodded at that, and added, "And why was this episode called Monkey vs. Dinosaur when in fact, you are not a monkey, but an ape?"

[Being spoiler for -Big Time highlight to view]An accident involving nanotechnology causes Spark to grow to ginarmous size. [end spoiler]

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