Friday, January 16, 2004

That which you fear the most could meet you half way.

It's time for another Hyperthought? entry! Again, I'm exhausted, but my brain is running like Carl Lewis. Or someone fast. Speedy Gonzalez, perhaps. Undale! (heh. I'm sure that's totally misspelled)

So yesterday didn't get better, but my outlook did. Weird, huh?

Turns out that yes, they did leave off the day of overtime (it was the 28th of December) but that it was intentional. Sort of.

Our pay system is completely whacked. We get paid for the days that we worked, except that overtime and holiday pay are held back a period. So this check I just got on the 15th had the extra money for working Xmas day on it. And it should have (imo) had the 28th as well. I went to HR and discovered, though, that the cut-off date was the 27th. So anyone who had overtime for the 28th, 29th, 30th, or 31st of December will get it on the next check.

Also included in our next check will be the raise (although nobody seems to know how much...[eyebrow]) that we are due. I guess this makes sense, seeing how they're not really paying us for the beginning of the new year yet. ...Except that they are...because the new rates for insurance have kicked in. 45 bucks every paycheck. And that's the cheapest family rate. [sigh] But, what are you gonna do? Starve?

So, anyway, besides figuring all that stuff out, yesterday was action packed.
I mean to say, "Yesterday was...ACTION PACKED!!!"

We went grocery shopping, and I made a rather odd observation. Packages of cat food usually have pictures of the cat - and the human owner. Dog food, on the other hand, generally only show the dog. Occasionaly (especially dog biscuits) there will be a human hand on the package, but no face. I haven't done enough investigating to determine if this observation is 100% accurate, but it sems to skew that way. I have no idea what this means (if anything) but there ya have it.

After stocking up on food (so I guess the answer to my favorite question is "No." least for now), it was time for me to go to work. We hadnt' eaten lunch yet, so we left early in order to make a stop at Taco Bell on the way. The universe had other things in mind, though, because there was an accident on the freeway that slowed us down enough that we had to bypass the meal and take me straight to work.

Steph took Harper back to pick up lunch while Saren came inside the station. She was extremely popular. It's so much fun bringing her there. I wish I could keep her there.

After Stephanie arrived with the food and we ate, the girls left and I got to work. It was a super busy day, which was good in that it kept me occupied and made the time pass quicker ("That's good!") but bad in that I am lazy and dislike working. ("That's bad!")

Anywhat, at work Lorne asked me to do him a favor. Being a nice person, I agreed. Being a generous person, he offered me compensation. I tried to refuse it at first, but he insisted. And that is how we wound up with our very first DVD. It's The Order with Heath Ledger. I guess we'll see how it is once we get around to owning a DVD player.
I had some mega lame joke about how most people get the DVD player first, then DVDs, but we didn't do it in "that Order", but, as you can tell by reading it, it's too lame. pretend you didn't read that last sentence.

As Stephanie explained, when she was at her dad's house, the seal for the radiator fell off. What she did not explain (because it hadn't happened yet) was that because of the missing seal, when she came to pick me up from work, the car overheated.

She managed to get it to a nearby 7-11 and cool it down enough that she could drive to my work. Once there, we sat in the parking lot for at least half an hour, letting it cool down so we could put more water in. The girls were not happy.

Long story short (too late) we filled the radiator with more H2O, then drove home. It made it, but for the unforeseeable future, I'll be taking the bus to work. And back home again. Fun.

Erm. Wow. I guess I have disengaged Hyperthought?, because as soon as I typed the 'n' in 'Fun', my brain just blanked. I'm pretty sure that I've said everything I wanted to. If not, I know where to find me.

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