Monday, January 12, 2004

From the future!!

Mostly I'm testing to see if you set the time and/or date differently, if it will instantly blog when the time arrives.

But while I'm here, may as well state a few thoughts I had last night before going to sleep.

1) I don't know if Valerie watches Alias or not, but if she does, last night's episode must have given her about a kajillion orgasms. That thing was packed with continuity.

b) Thank you everyone for your kind words about the first episode of Ape10. Other episodes will be forthcoming. I realize that MvD wasn't perfect, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. Big Time should be just as good.

Thirdly) Um. What was the third thing? Oh. I was going to issue a challenge to everyone to try to make an entry on their blog that:
[-] was about whatever they wanted
[-] was at least 8 words long
[-] contained an 'e' in every word. (Or, put another way - Every single utterance does have 'e'.) I was even thinking that I'd give points, and whoever created the sentences with the most 'e' words would win.

IV) Well, the fourth thing is something I'll post at another time. Just a thought I've been having about stuff.

Now, if this works, it should show up in about five minutes. Let's find out.

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