Thursday, January 22, 2004

M is for monkey. That's good enough for me.

Happy Year of the Monkey!

The sad thing is, I'm sure I'll keep signing my checks with roosters for another week or two. [tongue]

Angel was Yayish. Smallville made my inner geek dance with joy.

Um. What else?

Oh. The two things from Alias - Jack Bristow yells whenever he is online. What CIA agent uses all caps all the time? (In real life, I mean)
#2) Steph pointed out that SpyDaddy was reading one of the books from the Series of Unfortunate Events books. Heh.

My hands are cold. I must work on Ape10 tonight. And go to the WD and see what people are saying about last night's Angel. So much for sleep, huh?

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